Your Step-by-Step Path to
Greater Closeness, Connection,
and Intimacy

with Paige Marrs PhD and Don Marrs

In just weeks you'll know how to...

  1. Use your disagreements and disconnects to get closer instead of pushing you apart
  2. Transform a painful argument into a productive, thoughtful conversation
  3. De-escalate and calm yourself quickly so you can have a caring, thoughtful conversation instead of a full-blown fight
  4. Discuss touchy topics in a way that’s comfortable for you, plus easy for your partner to be receptive instead of defensive
  5. Be a better listener so your partner feels safe being more open with you
  6. Get your partner to be a better listener so you feel heard, appreciated, and respected even if the two of you clash or disagree
  7. Neutralize the “relationship culprit” that creates all the messiness that gets in the way of your relationship’s full potential

Most of us were never taught the relationship skills needed to experience extraordinary love

Yet it’s well within your reach to...

  • Experience ever-growing love, trust, and enduring intimacy with the person with whom we share our life.
  • Feel close and connected, seen and supported, cherished and respected — despite the challenges that stand in the way
  • Grow together through good times and troubling times, feeling ever more connected, caring, and together.
  • Be really good at handling the inevitable conflicts, disconnects, and differences in a way that enhances your mutual understanding, closeness, and love.
  • Open new inner capacities for deeper love and uncommon fulfillment with all the beloveds in your life.
Closeup of loving couple holding hands while walking at sunset


Your Step-by-Step Path to
Greater Closeness, Connection, and Intimacy


It just took 20 minutes rather than the usual days or even the weeks to work through a major upset.


I’m such a skeptical person, but what you put together really works. We had a conversation recently about one of those “touchy topics,” and it went so well it made us cry.


My small choices are changing the relationship, and that’s powerful! I’m happier. I no longer feel that I’m lacking.

Results Right Away —
Even If Just One of You Learns the Essential Skills

  • A happier, more harmonious relationship
  • Less conflict — meaning way less often and way less painful — and quicker return to warmth and connection afterward
  • New levels of closeness, intimacy, and mutual understanding for both of you — even if it's just you shifting the dynamic
  • Confidence that you know how to deal with stubborn issues in a way that leads to deeper understanding and closeness rather than more distance and discontent
  • Reduced fear and defensiveness in yourself — and in your partner
  • Replacing negative/unwanted patterns of communication with ones that enhance your sense of well being individually and together
  • Feeling good about yourself for making changes that transform your relationship for the better

Program Promise

This virtual program gives you a
proven, research-based framework for experiencing greater closeness, connection, and intimacy — and the magnificence of an extraordinary love.

2021 Launch Pricing

To celebrate this launch of the updated, expanded program — The Extraordinary Relationship Formula — the price will be well below what it will be after this inaugural period.

NEW program opening soon!

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Paige & Don at The Love Conversation® Workshop

Tap Into Our Years of Experience

Now well into our 34th year together, our relationship is more than increasingly happy. It’s more fulfilling than we knew to hope for. Even better than the honeymoon high.

But it’s not because we’re perfectly matched or were lucky. We were stubbornly committed to finding a way to maintain the extraordinary love that catapulted us together.

We crafted a formula that works for us and others. Our approach reflects a powerful combination of evidence-based disciplines and decades of personal and professional experience.

Paige’s doctoral research proved that our Extraordinary Relationship Formula is highly effective — and that it can be learned in a relatively short period of time.

With a lot less struggle and heartache than it took us!